It’s been 4 years since my last ukay collection. A lot of you are wondering what happened. Why the sudden stop? I’ve been pondering a lot about it lately as I browse through my old ukay photos. *sigh* I felt like a totally different person. (in a good way) Up until this day, I still couldn’t fully comprehend how this whole ukay frenzy happened. From a simple blog to a huge online store, it’s all about grace! Things were never the same since then.

Amidst the success of the store, I decided to stop and do some kind of a “hiatus”. Not that I wasn’t happy anymore. I just felt I needed to give myself space to grow. I didn’t want to continue something just because of money.  Ukayqueen didnt start as a business in the first place. I made a blog out of my passion and I didnt want to continue it for the wrong reason.  So when I finally stopped, I began to live again.

I became a full time photographer. I got married. I became a mom. I lived.

But even if I grew older, I still couldn’t let go of my passion.

Treasure hunting still gives me so much joy.

So , I’m coming back. Not as the old me,

but as a true ukayqueen this time with a whole new significance.

I can’t wait to start this new chapter with you all.

(Calling all ukay lovers taking refuge beneath the stars…. now is our time to once again merge and be proud of our passion.)

Thank you to my husband who never stops encouraging me to be myself. =)