The Ukay Queen

modern day sisa Who is the ukay queen?

The ukay queen is none other than the modern day sisa. She is a treasure hunter, a seeker and a dreamer. She found where the greener pasture is and that’s where her heart finds rest, in the arms of Abba.

This site is the idea of her hubby who supports her in every endeavor she takes. The is solely dedicated to ukay-shopping. She believes you don’t have to splurge your money on expensive things but practicality can always work to your advantage.”Nasa pagdadala lang yan.”

The ukay queen’s fascination towards ukay clothes started when she was still in highschool. With only a P50 bill left on her pocket, she tried visiting this old thrift store infront of her school. What she saw there changed her life. Since then, she would go home with bags of clothes she bought from that old thrift store. Her friends found her weird. Her mother tried to stop her. But she managed to prove to them that ukay-ukay is like hunting for your own treasure. Later on, people became fascinated by the way she used to dress up herself and so whenever she was asked where she bought her clothes, she would smile and say: “Ukay-ukay lang yan!”

“sunshine” photo by Hubby

Fashion Motto:

“My style tells a story of who i am. It doesn’t matter what brand or price I am wearing, as long as I am happy and confident, I am beyond stylish.”

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  1. This is amazing Pat. galing ah πŸ™‚

  2. thanks trish! hehe matagal ng nakapending ito hehehe ngayon lang nagka time dahil bakasyon!! haha

  3. Hello! I love your site. Tagal ko na gusto i-try mag ukay-ukay, kaso wala akong idea kung saan ang ok. Request ko sana na you can feature some good ukay2 shops. Thanks!

  4. hey! came across your site on the dress hunters group on multiply, anyways I think it’s amazing how people can really work out an outfit by just thrift shopping!! By the way, I’m a huge fan of Ukay Ukay as well!! You should try the ones around the faura area near UP Manila, really nice stuff, especially dresses and Cubao for really awesome boots!! πŸ˜€ Oh and tagaytay!! really cheap and there are some real good steals there as well! πŸ˜€ Cheers!!

  5. yeah youre right! its like finding a treasure! u can find branded items with tags still attached to the clothes at practically give away prices. my daughter who, btw, has the same fashion sense like me and is born to shop found this ukay shop in cubao (beside mercury drugstore, aurora blvd). we bought unused cotton printed blouses that are so beautiful!!! our friends would not have the faintest idea its UK coz they are used to seeing us in branded clothes!!! hahaha. they would think we bought it in hk or bkk!!!

  6. we will be going to tagaytay 2moro. any suggestions where to UK? i heard there are good UK shops there!

  7. hi Rain! Go to Olivarez Plaza! There are a lot of ukay shops there! πŸ™‚ There’s a jeepney terminal near People’s park bound to olivarez πŸ™‚

  8. i admire your taste..
    grabe, i didn’t know madami palang ganon sa ukay ukay.. btw, i have filled up an order form in your multiply site! πŸ™‚

  9. Hey Pat!

    dito sa Poland, ibang level ang ukay-ukay – kasi PER KILO Ate, πŸ˜› hahaha. Last shopping I spent around 40zΕ‚ (around 600 pesos, i think) for scarves, pants, shirts, sweaters…etc. πŸ˜›

    Kailangan lang talaga matiyaga ka! πŸ™‚

  10. Hi there, how can i avail of those items that are on sale? can’t find the how-to’s sorry. and saan ko po makikita kung available na or what size is it?hehe.

    salamat po.

  11. hi Ukay Queen! haha! that’s what the people around me call me too..Natuwa ako sa site na to, I’m actually planning to make something like this, I just don’t have the time..

    I am RJ’s schoolmate in FBA, and his brother Ray’s classmate and seatmate during our 4th year way back in HS ;p ..I also used to attend LLCF when my family was still in Quezon City.

    I am from Baguio City and me, my sisters, and cousins soooo love diving in the pile of “ukay treasure”, too..I don’t really mind putting my knees down and literally making “halukay”, it is, afterall, rewarding because I leave very happy, & excited about my find…

    Since we became “experts” in ukay treasure-hunting, it is very seldom now that I buy new clothes & shoes (You know the feeling of remorse for shelling out too much cash just for a single item when it could have been used to buy bags and bags of ukay? I experience that and it’s funny that even after several months, I still think of the excess money I talking here).

    I also receive the same compliments as you do. Our advantage here in Baguio is that the variety of clothes one can wear is broader since it is almost always cold here, and our city is “The Ukay Haven” of all ukay havens. Finding people wearing high-cut boots, trench coats, and all kinds of unusual clothes is common here. Most of the time, outfit-conscious Filipinos here “outdress” Koreans and other foreigners (They may have cute and stylish pieces, but unfortunately they lack the talent when it comes to mixing and matching clothes).

    Me, my sisters and cousins discovered an ukay-spot (the top-of-our-list destination) here in Baguio where we get to have very, very, beyond-great deals—“sampu”, “lima”, “tatlo, sampu”, “tres”, “dos”, and even “tatlo lima”..It’s just like buying candy haha! I just smile wide when people compliment my ukay outfit…what goes on in my mind is like: “Kamusta naman, dos lang kaya bili ko dito! hahahahaha!”..One can really find from ukay shops (bangketas and sako spreads, too) something that is worthy of the runway/TV/big screen…No wonder even celebrities and foreigners patronize them!!!!

    Anyways, what I mentioned are just a couple more ukay-shopping boosters..mainggit keo samin, go to the nearest ukay shopping haven and feel the thrill πŸ˜€ hahaha!

    UkayQueen, God bless you and more power to you and your endeavors!!!

    Hi to RJ, Ray, & Rona..

    >> Faith <<

  12. hey i saw you in ruffa and ai just now. you look divine:)

  13. well now i must try to go ukay hehe

  14. Hi there!

    I just found out about your site today! And i’m gonna be using Your Ukay 101 blog for my blog to show readers about ukay! But the credit is still yours! And i’ll be posting a link to your site!!! ^_^
    I truly love all your content! Uhm… I will add you too to my links, daily reads etc. okei? bothe in my multiply and in my blog! Loves lots!

  15. I’m interested to order some of your items but i haven’t seen the items yet. i don’t know how. please give me immediate assistance regarding this matter.

    thanks ms. ukay queen!

    • hi arnie πŸ™‚ items posted here on my blog were already sold:-) check my online store to catch the new arrivals πŸ™‚ SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY 8PM ;-D

  16. .,ate naman oh, panu po ba yung pagbayaran na? hnd ba pwdng od o cash on delivery? kelangan ba tlg credit card? huhu! e wala pa aq nun! pls? sana reply knmn kse gus2 q tlg ung mga damit moh..tsaka magkano pag sa fairview lng? ATE!! hehe d ba pwd cod nlng? d tuloy aq mkapag register, sa ukay royalty kse ung sa payment mode?wala aq ni isa don huhuhuhu!

    nag eeffort po q na mag msg d2 ng mahaba kse po gus2 q tlg tong mga damit nio lalo na ung β€œDECIEVE”huuhu

    sana po..

    REPLY PO KAYO ate..

    • hi sis πŸ™‚ my mode of payment is simple and easy lang πŸ™‚ GCASH, you need to register your phone lang then load your gcash wallet sa globe πŸ™‚ BDO or CHINA, you’ll just deposit payment there πŸ™‚

      • hi dn sis?^^ haha

        salamats a pagreply moh.
        panu ba ung gcash? di ko alam un! haha txt moh q pwd? 09089591357..prang klarong klaro. pnu iregister ung phone blah3x d ko mga alm un

  17. hi ukay queen!:) i just want you to know that we have the same stand with regards to fashion. πŸ™‚ it’s not the price tag that counts, it’s how you wear it. πŸ™‚ stay safe, be great and continue doing great things. GOD bless YOU! πŸ™‚

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